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Welcome to Kitchener

Welcome to the Kitchener School web page. It is our hope that this site will serve as an integral communication service to the immediate community and beyond. As you explore the site, you will find examples of the things that make Kitchener such a special place for our students, parents, community and staff.

Our school strives to support inclusion and independence for all students. Kitchener Elementary has a strong emphasis on social responsibility, literacy and athletics. Students are friendly, respectful, and welcoming, resulting in an inclusive community where many students engage in service opportunities available throughout the school. We have an active and supportive PAC that meets regularly and provides invaluable assistance and financial support to the school.

The two main tenets of Kitchener’s code of conduct are:

  • everyone has the right to learn in a safe, secure environment
  • everyone has the right to be respected and treated with courtesy

The essence of this code is best exemplified by the variety and depth of the programs offered to our students. These programs include:

  • extra-curricular competitive and recreational sports programs
  • formalized school and grade wide field trips
  • A hot lunch program

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at dino.klarich@burnabyschools.ca or call the school at 604.296.9017.