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School supply list 2021-2022

Dear Kitchener Parents:

Below is the school supply list for Intermediate students:

Intermediate school supply list 2021-2022

The Kindergarten & Primary teachers will be using a community based model of learning with tables and different learning spaces. To make the most of these working and learning spaces, we would like to have community supplies that are purchased in bulk on your behalf by the teacher. This will allow easy access to supplies for students but will also cut down on your cost for school supplies. To purchase the whole list of supplies for yourself will cost around $40-50. We are able to get them at a lower cost as we will be buying them in bulk and using available teacher discounts. We will make sure that supplies purchased are of good quality so they last the school year, not purchasing dollar store items. All students would have access to supplies and we will buy more throughout the year to replenish any supplies that are used more often than others.

We are asking for $30 to cover your child’s school supplies for the year. We feel this is a very reasonable amount and is below the cost you would have individually. You can make payment online only through school cash online as of September 10, 2021 and will be available for purchase until September 30


If you have any questions, or would like a supply list, please talk to your child’s teacher in September.


Thank you,


Kindergarten and Primary teachers at Kitchener Elementary